Martial Archetype: Tutor

One of my players came to me with a fantastic new character idea. The campaign had been going for awhile (they died a session earlier)
and they would be coming in at level six. He wanted to enter the campaign as a trainer of the sword for a small noble family.
He thought that a Fighter with the Battlemaster Martial Archetype would be the closest, but wanted to know if I had any ideas. So I did one better.

Meet the Tutor, a Martial Archetype for the Fighter inspired by characters like Dune’s Duncan Idaho and Game of Thrones Syrio Forel.


The archetypal Tutor combines a powerful
mastery of the blade with the patience
of a skilled teacher. They use careful
instruction to bring out astounding feats
of skill in their comrades and provide
guidance in the discipline of war.


When you choose this archetype at 3rd level,
you learn how to grant inspiration through sparring
practice. Select one target. You and the target spar over
the course of 1 hour, which can be done in the first or last
hour of a Long Rest. Once sparring is complete, you and the
target gain Inspiration.

Learned Warrior

At 3rd level, you gain the benefits of the Battlemaster
Archetype’s Combat Superiority (pg. 73). The Tutor begins
with only 2 Maneuvers and 2 Superiority Dice, but gains new
Maneuvers and Superiority Dice at the same thresholds as the
Battlemaster’s ability.


Starting at 7th level, you can grant a Feat to one target.
The target must satisfy all prerequisites for the Feat or
nothing happens. Target loses the benefits of the selected
Feat (including alterations to Attribute scores) after hours
equal to your fighter level. You must then finish
a long rest to use Tutelage again.

At 10th level, you may use this ability two times per
long rest. If you grant Feats to the same target,
previous Feats granted by Tutelage can be used to satisfy
Feat prerequisites.

At 18th level, you may use this ability four times per long rest.
If you grant Feats to the same target, previous Feats granted by
Tutelage can be used to satisfy Feat prerequisites.

Master’s Cue

Beginning at 15th level, you gain the ability to instruct allies in
combat. Whenever you strike an enemy with a melee attack, you may
activate Master’s Cue as a bonus action. If you
do, cue an ally within 30 feet to attack. The ally can make an
attack, and if they are attacking a target you are engaged with,
they make this attack at advantage.

Balancing the Design

In the three PHB Martial Archetypes, the character gains a class feature at the following levels: 3/7/10/15/18. I decided to do the same for the Tutor. Due to some excellent advice on Reddit, I assigned the Spar ability to Long Rests instead of Short Rests. This should maintain the explicitly non-strenuous nature of Short Rests. While this weakens the ability, it also allows me to give the Tutor access to the Battlemaster’s Superiority Dice at level 3 without unbalancing him.

Hope you guys like it! Feel free to comment or come back and read another article.

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